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Apart from Smart Bitches Trashy Books all the indepth discussion of romance novels from a feminist/anti-racist/etc perspective seems to either be being done by people who don't really like the genre and/or on personal journals.

So! I propose a comm for such discussions. I would happily join and might even be willing to be a co-mod but I lack to spoons to run one myself and I think you'd need a fairly steady hand on the tiller in case of imbroglios.

The kinds of questions I would like to discuss:
Why are there so many Evil Bisexuals?
Are there any regencies where the hero isn't upper class? What about less sexually experienced than the woman?
What are some historicals with non-white/POC characters who get them right or at least not horribly painfully wrong? (One could also ask if there's any with non-white/POC protagonists but I have a feeling that's setting the bar too high :/)

Some not very deeply considered thoughts:

  • I'm relatively new to romance novels so I don't know how they're usually defined, but I liked the one in this post.
  • addressing sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism...others?
  • not called "feminist romance novel fans" or anything similar, I think the racism/classism/heterosexism etc needs as much if not more looking at since the feminist angle is the one most often considered (not that it isn't important too).
  • make a distinction between "I think this book is Xist" and "Anyone who likes this book is Xist" (both that we shouldn't go around hating on Twilight fans, and that people shouldn't get defensive when their favourite books are criticised)
  • active inclusion of LGBTQI/poly etc romances (about which I know very little apart from that they exist, but noone else will post about them if they think the comm is strictly for monogamous het romance)
  • probably just restricted to published romance novels (which define themselves as such?), not fanfic and movies etc. Or not! Do manga and other graphic novels count, HMM.

This list is getting too long, so I shall post and leave the specifics to anyone who decides to make the comm :)


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