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I think it would be neat to have a community in which you could ask for fanart you'd like to see, and which in turn artists could browse for inspiration and ideas, and additionally have the opportunity to make someone happy if their request is fulfilled. Similar to the fandom-specific kink memes that exist for fanfic (and a few also for art), but with requests in posts, and tagged in the comm, rather than all in comment threads. There used to be such a community on LJ called "art_on_demand", but that comm has been deleted, and [livejournal.com profile] illustrate_me has been largely inactive, and was restricted only to Western comics, but its FAQ is based on the art_on_demand one.

I know that I could just ask for prompts in my journal, but unless it's for really quick drawbles I find that rather fraught. I mean, when you may fulfill one prompt, but don't pick another etc. all that can be awkward socially, even if you say that you may not fulfill requests. Just browsing ideas others have thrown out there seems simpler. And while on the requester side it's not certain that anyone in the comm will make you fanart and plenty usually goes unfilled in this sort of thing, there's at least a chance, just like there is with kink memes and such, at least if the comm reaches a critical mass of participants.

ETA (17 Apr 2010): [personal profile] noxie created [community profile] artondemand. :D


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