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I've recently written an essay that I have no place to post. It's more explicit than I'm comfortable putting in my journal publicly, but it's for a fest ([community profile] kink_bingo), so it needs to be put somewhere public-accessible. And I went looking for a meta-ish comm for non-fandom-specific content and couldn't find one.

I'd love to see a comm created for either multifandom & small fandom fannish essays/meta like, "favorite slashy movies" or "great crossover fandoms" or "cop shows that inspire lots of h/c fic" or "5 sex acts that can only be done with tentacles" or ship manifestos for Yuletide fandoms (fandom_essays? fandom_meta? meta_misc? notfic?) .. and/or a comm for kinky fannish content ('cos my essay is for k_b), and a comm called "superkink" or "get_your_kink_on" that's open to fic, essays, art, etc. would also be nifty.


Would love to see a comm for general, "I want to post this to the public, but not in my personal journal." For a lot of us, just posting in a comm is enough privacy; our RL family/friends who are aware of our journals aren't snooping through everything we write, but that doesn't mean we want to post 8000 words of PWP where they'll *notice* it. We can post the PWP to a comm or AO3; can't post meta there. This comm would, in my mind, not be specifically fannish; it'd be open to "my hot date in lurid detail, which I want to submit to the 'best date ever' webcontest but don't have a place to host." (not_my_journal? away_from_home? webparking?)


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