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On Livejournal a couple of years ago, I found a motivational writing community that was simple, but astoundingly effective. It was called [ profile] project_finish. (Its old posts are still there, if you want to look.)

The basic idea was this:
(1) Each week, the mod would put up a post that included a simple little graphic token.
(2) Members would reply to the post, stating their word count/writing goal for the week.
(3) At the end of the week, if you hit your writing goal, you could feel justified in claiming the week's token as a reward. (Of course, there were also posts during the week for members to talk about their progress, encourage each other, etc.)

It was quite low-pressure, but the personal accomplishment of "earning" those little tokens was a ridiculously helpful motivation to hit my declared word count each week. I loved it while it lasted... But unfortunately, about two months after I discovered [ profile] project_finish, it suddenly and permanently went silent with no explanation. :Þ

Which is what brings me here (well, thanks to [personal profile] kalloway at [community profile] onedeadplotbunny). There are reasons why I can't commit to running a community these days--but I would absolutely love to see someone else create one based on [ profile] project_finish's model. I know it would help me now, the same way the original comm helped me then; and I think it would be great for others too.

(And while I'm here, might I also add that I'd be delighted if someone would create a multi-fandom genfic bingo? It's nearly impossible to find a bingo challenge that doesn't involve kinks or squicks of one kind or another.)
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Community for Sleepy Hollow, (the TV series)?

edit: [community profile] sleepy_hollow. thanks to [personal profile] mruk!
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I'd really love a comm designed to share music primers. When joining a new fandom people often search out primers-- often long, picspam style posts which offer a summary of the fandom so far (a brief overview of characters and other places to find the fandom on tumblr, dreamwidth etc). I'd like one for music.

I love new music, and I love discovering new genres. But sometimes when I want to get into something (like jazz or country or metal) and I don't know anybody who can point me in the right direction, I end up sticking to the stuff that appears on the top results page of google. I miss the bands that people who grew up with the genre might know about.

So I'd like a comm for just that-- primers for either entire genres or specific subsets of that genre or even just one artist (and related acts). Examples of songs could be linked to from youtube or another source similar.

Mostly I'm interested in setting up the comm myself and want to know if any body would be interested.
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Remember when MTV showed music videos?

... It's been awhile, I know.

I've steadily lost access to any music videos through my cable system. I used to be able to set up recordings for the middle of the night on MTV, and then the middle of weekend nights on some off channel, and now I can't find any.

So what I'd like is a community dedicated to advertising/linking to official music videos. This wouldn't be for fanvids/AMVs, nor for those vids where a fan pairs the audio with varied still images; these would be the videos theoretically released by the artists/studios/whoever. This would let those of us who don't regularly follow VEVO or band news to see what's new and cool and potentially meme-sparking (or, for that matter, older but deserving of attention).

Entries could be moderated or just posted freely by members, whichever works best.

I wasn't thinking this would be genre-specific; genres could be separated by tags, unless traffic became just too busy. But I don't know how much interest there is in such a comm, and I definitely don't have time to mod such a thing. Is there someone out there who does?
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This is less a "hey make this for me please" post and more of a "hey, if this would made, am I the only person who would participate?" i.e. Gauging interest~~

fandom_tropkink_chal (or fandom_level because I'm still deciding and both names are avail on DW.) is a place to challenge yourself by taking a gaming view on fanworks.

Logistics, Plans, and Points Needing More Thought )

So... If you read that much, I'm impressed. And, I'd love to know... What do you think???? ^____^ Would it be something you'd want to do, or do you think there are too many fanwork challenges as it is? Do you care? Or is there something out there in this format already?

Finally, if you are interested, what should the prizes be for the level milestones? There's six milestones, so maybe one fanwork from the prize committee related to something they created for this comm per milestone? (Or increasing numbers [1 to 6] for each so that Level 5 gets 1 and Level 49 gets 6?)
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I'd like to have a community for Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book. The book is a 12 week course for recovering creativity. I can't moderate it for several reasons, but the book is so popular that there may be someone else interested in that.

Perhaps the community could also discuss other Julia Cameron's books.

The community was first requested in 2010. Several people were interested in it, but nothing came out of it.

Update: I have created the community [community profile] a_spiral_path.


Jul. 24th, 2012 08:57 pm
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A community for Sky 1's new show Sinbad? Is anyone else watching this at all?

[personal profile] pretty_panther has made [community profile] sinbadthesailor!
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1) a community for the upcoming CBS show Elementary
2) an icon/graphics discussion community similar to [ profile] icon_talk
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I'd love to join a raw food community, but the only one I've found is [community profile] rawvegan, and that's, well, vegan. I'm not looking for a community about veganism or animal rights. Instead, I'd love a community that welcomes people who are completely or mostly raw foodists and who either do or do not eat animal products. Or, you know, people who just want to increase the amount of raw food they eat. In other words, an inclusive community.

Is there any interest in such a community? I'd even be willing to mod it with someone should there be interest in it.

P.S. Mod, could we have a "food" tag, please?

ETA: I bit the bullet and created the comm: [community profile] rawfood.
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Getting into any of the major comic franchises can be intimidating. And the non-major ones are hard for the casual fan to find information about. So is anyone interested an intro to comics community? Where you could ask questions like "I want to know more about Character, where do I go?" and maybe get actual answers?

Edit: [personal profile] lilacsigil has created [community profile] comics_intro!

Chore Wars

Mar. 15th, 2012 08:56 am
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I'm getting kind of obsessed about Chore Wars thanks to my reading list. Would anyone be interested in a community? :D
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So there was a nice comm on LJ, seemingly dead, called letters100. Basically it was a prompt table of themes, and you claimed a fandom and a character and wrote 'letters' from that character's POV.

I love epistolary format, and I was wondering if we might want a comm like that here on DW?

Here's what I'd do:  instead of a table of 100 (that's daunting to me) have 10 tables of ten prompts each and people can claim by table.  

Does this sound interesting/worthwhile/fun?  I could set up the thing and even make up the tables, but I'd need help with, say, graphics/icon/CSS to make it look pretty and inviting. 
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okay, so, i love the Eurovision Song Contest. i mark the dates on my calendar every year and woe betide anyone who spoils me for the winner! (we get it on about a 24 hour delay in australia.) and it would be fun to have a community of people who also love Eurovision. except i am horrible at maintaining a community. just awful. however, if such a community did exist, i would be an enthusiastic participant. :D
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Is there a community for journal prompts? I am not asking for fiction prompts, I know there's plenty of journals about.  I am writing about prompts that inspire one to write down personal thoughts, ideas, beliefs, or the random.  If not, might someone create one?
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Is there anyone interested in, or who would like to run, metafinders?

Like a story or genre-finding comm, only for meta? i.e. I read this piece of meta once... Does anyone know it? OR I am looking for meta about *subject*.

(I am having issues re-finding a piece of meta.)
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Is there any interest in, and would anyone like to run, a community for complaining/ranting about the ridiculous things you sometimes encounter in the workplace?

I don't have the energy or time to create and moderate such a beast, alas.

Example: I found myself wanting somewhere to post a rant about the co-worker who made a wife beating joke in a meeting. No, our boss didn't object or say anything.
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Anyone interested in an active bipolar community? I can't mod it, but I would loooove to see it happen! 
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Is there a community for reading as a group? (Hopefully focused on science fiction and/or fantasy?) I can't even find a sci-fi/fantasy discussion comm! Surely there must be SF/F readers on DW!

I'd settle for a discussion community, actually; but I had this idea the other day to do a group-read of C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner, and a few of my dwircle were interested. Today I thought, I've seen this done before several times, on LJ, by various people; there should be a comm for that!

Would anyone be interested in a comm for group readings? (We could even start out general and then narrow the genres down if it proved popular enough.)

I'm thinking the first post should be names/preferences/what you'd be interested in reading with a group; then each group that forms could make a sign-up post to officially start reading on (set the date, the reading schedule, etc.). And then a post for each weekly (or whatever) discussion.

Is this something I'll end up doing in my own journal, or is there enough interest out there for a comm? (Perhaps [profile] readwithme or [profile] sff_groupread? ) Or interest in a general discussion comm that wouldn't mind also hosting reading groups? ([profile] sff_discuss?)

I know nothing about moderating such a thing, but I'm willing to try if other people are willing to join!

UPDATE: Comm created! Check out [community profile] readingtogether for all your readalong-related needs! :D


Apr. 28th, 2011 05:19 pm
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Apparently there isn't actually an anxiety community on DW?

Well, there's [community profile] anxious but it's moderated membership and the mod's journal hasn't been updated in 70+ weeks.

Am I missing something, or is someone interested in creating such a community?
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Is there interest here for a Wisconsin community? Or a Madison, WI one?


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