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I'd like to have a community for Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book. The book is a 12 week course for recovering creativity. I can't moderate it for several reasons, but the book is so popular that there may be someone else interested in that.

Perhaps the community could also discuss other Julia Cameron's books.

The community was first requested in 2010. Several people were interested in it, but nothing came out of it.

Update: I have created the community [community profile] a_spiral_path.

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I wonder if there might be interest in an Artist's Way community. I've noticed several people on my Circle talking about Artist's Way, and a lot of people are doing the Morning Pages in the form of 750Words. I was thinking it might be cool to have a community on DW that's a safe space for sharing experiences going through the program, or even about creative recovery more generally. There could be a post for each week where folks can comment on their experiences when they're in that week, and then a few general posts where you can talk about things like what happened with your pages, artist's dates, or general goods and bads. Or, alternatively, if there aren't many people doing AW specifically but some folks are trying to launch their own creative recoveries, we could just have a comm to talk about struggles, breakthroughs, etc. Any thoughts?


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