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Movie Night Comm?

Anybody wanna do a DW equivalent to [livejournal.com profile] lj_movienight?
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Fandom charity community?

I would really like to see Dreamwidth have a fannish disaster-relief community, along the lines of LJ's [livejournal.com profile] fandomaid (which appears to be defunct). I participated there after several past natural disasters, and would happily join in now for Hurricane Harvey relief if there was an outlet for it on DW.
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[personal profile] bizarra2017-06-13 07:19 pm
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(no subject)

Is there a community on DW where you can ask about potential rp game ideas, or find out if there is interest in a specific theme/premise? All I've found are the character talking to the mun/writer type comms and nothing specific to asking if a certain premise exists, or would be welcomed.

Or even to drum up activity in a current game. Similar to wanna_rp over at Insanejournal. :)
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[personal profile] flowerfuck2017-05-20 08:19 pm
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Pink Hair

Is there a comm for pink hair? There was a great one on LJ but it's kind of died off in the last half a decade or so. Whenever I type "pink hair" into the search bar here on DW, the only things that come up are LazyTown fan comms.
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I'm surprised that that aren't more SPN coms. Am I missing them? MY LJ used to be jam packed with SPN coms.
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[personal profile] kayim2017-04-16 03:53 pm
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(no subject)

I started  [community profile] star_wars a long while ago, but I don't have enough time to actually do anything with it.

Would anyone be interested in taking over the community? I'm more than happy for you to delete the existing posts and start afresh with it....

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(no subject)

Looks like [community profile] tattoos is up for grabs... Just thought I'd mention it here!

Recreate a splendid tool for writers?

Would anyone be interested in duplicating the recently-closed [community profile] verbosity? This was a wonderful comm which allowed writers to set word goals each week, and tracked their progress through daily word counts logged via comments. (As well as offering a little graphical stamp to claim as a reward for meeting one's goal--which was a delightful motivating bonus, although not strictly necessary.)

The moderator has confirmed she doesn't mind if someone copies Verbosity's structure, so I'd love to see a new version of the same system on DW. For more than two years, it was a major benefit to my writing productivity, and I know other users felt the same way.
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Multi Fandom M'preg

I have been looking for an active Multi fandom m'preg com. Am I just missing it?
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I wish there was a com for iZombie. There should be more interest in fic for the fandom.

Thank You :D

Friendship fic

I would love to see a multi-fandom community for fiction/fanfic that is focused on friendship between characters. (At one time there was an attempt at this on LJ--called "ampersandlove", I think?--but it was deleted a long, long time ago.)

The internet is crowded with places for pairings of every sort imaginable--but stories about friendships that aren't romantic in any way get far too little attention, and there really isn't a dedicated place to share or find them. I know there's [community profile] gensplosion, but that's only for recommending the works of other authors. My hope would be that a community for writers to post their friendship fics in would actively encourage more of it.
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I need a remix community

I am interested in remixing other people's fanfic. I've looked around for comms, but they all seem to be dead for some reason.

There was [community profile] remix_goes_wild which sounded like an interesting project, and [community profile] remix_redux which seems to be dead even longer.

I don't care how the community would operate, be it exchange or whatever, I just want something that is not going to die out when the mod forgets about it or has no time to run it anymore. I'd do it myself, but I have no idea how to go about it. I'd want something accessible, like a list of authors or fanworks that are up for grabs and that anyone can edit and doesn't have to wait around for the availability of the mod or something.

As you see, I'm not very sure about what I want myself. I just want to be able to remix without having to find out about the author's transformative works policy.

Would anyone else be interested in a remix community? Or are there still some operating that I don't know of?

Suggestions are more than welcome.

I need a writing comm like this again.

On Livejournal a couple of years ago, I found a motivational writing community that was simple, but astoundingly effective. It was called [livejournal.com profile] project_finish. (Its old posts are still there, if you want to look.)

The basic idea was this:
(1) Each week, the mod would put up a post that included a simple little graphic token.
(2) Members would reply to the post, stating their word count/writing goal for the week.
(3) At the end of the week, if you hit your writing goal, you could feel justified in claiming the week's token as a reward. (Of course, there were also posts during the week for members to talk about their progress, encourage each other, etc.)

It was quite low-pressure, but the personal accomplishment of "earning" those little tokens was a ridiculously helpful motivation to hit my declared word count each week. I loved it while it lasted... But unfortunately, about two months after I discovered [livejournal.com profile] project_finish, it suddenly and permanently went silent with no explanation. :Þ

Which is what brings me here (well, thanks to [personal profile] kalloway at [community profile] onedeadplotbunny). There are reasons why I can't commit to running a community these days--but I would absolutely love to see someone else create one based on [livejournal.com profile] project_finish's model. I know it would help me now, the same way the original comm helped me then; and I think it would be great for others too.

(And while I'm here, might I also add that I'd be delighted if someone would create a multi-fandom genfic bingo? It's nearly impossible to find a bingo challenge that doesn't involve kinks or squicks of one kind or another.)
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[personal profile] azarsuerte2013-10-13 01:42 pm
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Babylon 5 holiday fanworks exchange?

Since B5 is not eligible for Yuletide this year, would anyone be interested in creating a fanworks exchange just for it? I'd do it myself, but I'm TERRIBLE at running these things. (The last one I did, I went through the entire process of creating it and then...never opened sign-ups. *facepalm*)
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[personal profile] kake2013-10-09 11:51 am
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Decluttering community

Hello! I would like to see a decluttering community on Dreamwidth.

I don't have time to moderate/admin it myself, but I can promise to post frequently during 2014 as I'm going to be doing Unclutter throughout the year. Unclutter is a thing that started on LiveJournal; I participated in [livejournal.com profile] unclutter_2009 on there and found it very helpful. The basic idea is that you get rid of one thing per day, and also for anything new that comes into your house you get rid of an extra thing to compensate for it.

I'm not asking for a community specifically for Unclutter posts, but rather for a more general one covering all types of decluttering.

Is anyone interested in setting this up?

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[personal profile] amihan2013-09-18 10:13 pm

Fox Sleepy Hollow

Community for Sleepy Hollow, (the TV series)?

edit: [community profile] sleepy_hollow. thanks to [personal profile] mruk!
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[personal profile] anehan2013-09-16 04:07 am

Anime fanworks recs community

Over three years ago, someone requested a fic reccing community similar to [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, only focused on anime fandoms. Did the community ever get created? I found myself craving such a community tonight.
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Crafting Ideas

I'd love to see a crafting community in which people share ideas of things to do with children - showcasing all sorts of craft ideas for different ages - from the very young to those old enough to do things with support or guidance but actually doing the bulk of the work themselves - painting, yarn craft, paper craft, cooking, etc etc I'm often looking for new and interesting ideas of things to make with younger members of the family for them to give as gifts for Christmas and birthdays (and trying not to repeat all of the ideas too often!) or just to wile away the rainy wet days indoors that are heading our way as fall starts.

Does anyone know if there already is such a comm? Or would other people be interested in starting one?

Comm created Crafts_for_kids
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[personal profile] northsky2013-09-07 10:38 pm

music primers

I'd really love a comm designed to share music primers. When joining a new fandom people often search out primers-- often long, picspam style posts which offer a summary of the fandom so far (a brief overview of characters and other places to find the fandom on tumblr, dreamwidth etc). I'd like one for music.

I love new music, and I love discovering new genres. But sometimes when I want to get into something (like jazz or country or metal) and I don't know anybody who can point me in the right direction, I end up sticking to the stuff that appears on the top results page of google. I miss the bands that people who grew up with the genre might know about.

So I'd like a comm for just that-- primers for either entire genres or specific subsets of that genre or even just one artist (and related acts). Examples of songs could be linked to from youtube or another source similar.

Mostly I'm interested in setting up the comm myself and want to know if any body would be interested.
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Fan Mix/Mix tape

Does anyone know if there is either a fan-mix or a mixed tape community for those who put together playlists/links to youtube/zip files of music and post them?

If not, is there any interest in either of these types of communities?