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There's [community profile] poetry for sharing poetry not your own, but there isn't really a community for sharing your own fannish poetry that I'm aware of?

I've written over the years various poems based on particular series (Inuyasha, Hikaru no Go and Kuroko no Basuke) and I'd love to have a community where I could find similar things, or share my own.

(FILKS would be fine/cool as well.)
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Remember when MTV showed music videos?

... It's been awhile, I know.

I've steadily lost access to any music videos through my cable system. I used to be able to set up recordings for the middle of the night on MTV, and then the middle of weekend nights on some off channel, and now I can't find any.

So what I'd like is a community dedicated to advertising/linking to official music videos. This wouldn't be for fanvids/AMVs, nor for those vids where a fan pairs the audio with varied still images; these would be the videos theoretically released by the artists/studios/whoever. This would let those of us who don't regularly follow VEVO or band news to see what's new and cool and potentially meme-sparking (or, for that matter, older but deserving of attention).

Entries could be moderated or just posted freely by members, whichever works best.

I wasn't thinking this would be genre-specific; genres could be separated by tags, unless traffic became just too busy. But I don't know how much interest there is in such a comm, and I definitely don't have time to mod such a thing. Is there someone out there who does?
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I'd really love a community to recommend/promote anime/manga series - or for any media, really. Animation, comics, tv shows, movies, books, video games. Something for posts kind of like this or this or even kind of Tumblr-style like this. Maybe something like [profile] media_promo to match [site community profile] dw_community_promo and [site community profile] dw_feed_promo.

Oh I'd also like to suggest categorizing things by using tags for general things like media form and genre, and memories for the actual canon names.
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I'm thinking of running  fannish bingo with a focus on making fanwork  about all kind of relationship between female characters. I would like to ask if anyone will be interested in joining and/or co-modding.
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I'd love a comm dedicated to discussing plot lines relating to Once Upon a Time. Discuss the crazy conspiracies that we come up with, and complain about what we don't like or whatever...

does this exist already? Is there a need? I'D BE WILLING TO RUN A COMM. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ONCE A WEEK? talk to me!

once_a_conspiracy or ouat_conspiracy seem like cool names to me :D
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Who would like a comm focused on filling Yuletide New Year Resolutions? Thousands of prompts go unfulfilled every year and people tend to forget about them in the off season.

This is a comm I'd really like to be in existence, but I don't particularly want to run myself. I'd be willing to help co-mod, but I don't want to go solo here.
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This is less a "hey make this for me please" post and more of a "hey, if this would made, am I the only person who would participate?" i.e. Gauging interest~~

fandom_tropkink_chal (or fandom_level because I'm still deciding and both names are avail on DW.) is a place to challenge yourself by taking a gaming view on fanworks.

Logistics, Plans, and Points Needing More Thought )

So... If you read that much, I'm impressed. And, I'd love to know... What do you think???? ^____^ Would it be something you'd want to do, or do you think there are too many fanwork challenges as it is? Do you care? Or is there something out there in this format already?

Finally, if you are interested, what should the prizes be for the level milestones? There's six milestones, so maybe one fanwork from the prize committee related to something they created for this comm per milestone? (Or increasing numbers [1 to 6] for each so that Level 5 gets 1 and Level 49 gets 6?)
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Going through the Day 4 posts for [community profile] snowflake_challenge it's become rather obvious that I'm not alone in having no idea as to where to start vidding. Lots of people are asking for vidding 101 resources and almost all of the resources people are linking to are pointing back at LiveJournal. It'd be really nice to have a vidding community here on DreamWidth that is focused on beginners.
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So far, I've seen communities that allow people to post original fiction, fan fiction, daily prompts, memes, etc. but I have yet to see a community where original/fan fiction writers can go to get constructive criticism and improve their writing. Of course, there's the How's My Driving? Concrit Meme, but that's more for role players and focuses on how well a character is portrayed than the story. I think such a community where writers could to get critiqued would be useful. 
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I'd really like a community for Hacker News-esque discussion of tech company news, programming languages, programming, clever hacks, and all that jazz. The communities I've seen are either too specific (e.g. not geared toward general discussion) or dead-ish.

Would there be any interest in such a group?
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I'd like to have a community for Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book. The book is a 12 week course for recovering creativity. I can't moderate it for several reasons, but the book is so popular that there may be someone else interested in that.

Perhaps the community could also discuss other Julia Cameron's books.

The community was first requested in 2010. Several people were interested in it, but nothing came out of it.

Update: I have created the community [community profile] a_spiral_path.


Jul. 24th, 2012 08:57 pm
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A community for Sky 1's new show Sinbad? Is anyone else watching this at all?

[personal profile] pretty_panther has made [community profile] sinbadthesailor!
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1) a community for the upcoming CBS show Elementary
2) an icon/graphics discussion community similar to [livejournal.com profile] icon_talk
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I'd love to join a raw food community, but the only one I've found is [community profile] rawvegan, and that's, well, vegan. I'm not looking for a community about veganism or animal rights. Instead, I'd love a community that welcomes people who are completely or mostly raw foodists and who either do or do not eat animal products. Or, you know, people who just want to increase the amount of raw food they eat. In other words, an inclusive community.

Is there any interest in such a community? I'd even be willing to mod it with someone should there be interest in it.

P.S. Mod, could we have a "food" tag, please?

ETA: I bit the bullet and created the comm: [community profile] rawfood.
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Getting into any of the major comic franchises can be intimidating. And the non-major ones are hard for the casual fan to find information about. So is anyone interested an intro to comics community? Where you could ask questions like "I want to know more about Character, where do I go?" and maybe get actual answers?

Edit: [personal profile] lilacsigil has created [community profile] comics_intro!
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So there's this comm over on LJ, [livejournal.com profile] tarot_guild, that focused on allowing Tarot readers to have profiles so people could find them and request readings. Anyone who requested a reading from them through the guild was then supposed to leave a feedback/rating comment on the reader's profile to give them a ranking and basically let other people know if they were any good or not.

Anything like that here, or anyone with the time/inclination to make and run it?
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Details: The goal of Comics Big Bang is to write a minimum 10,000 word comic book fanfic. Those who complete their fics on time will receive an illustration drawn especially for the fic. I'm willing to mod/co-mod it, but I would like to know if there's interest or if someone wants to help.

ETA: I bit the bullet and created [community profile] comics_bb
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I wonder if there would be much interest in communities like Historical Love or LiteraryCrushes? I would certainly join their DW counterparts! :)

Chore Wars

Mar. 15th, 2012 08:56 am
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I'm getting kind of obsessed about Chore Wars thanks to my reading list. Would anyone be interested in a community? :D


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