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There are two writing comms that I would love to see on DW. I never really got involved with either of them over on LJ but they looked like they would be so much fun and I'd love to try and get involved with them at DW.

Why don't I do then myself, you ask? Well, I'm sort of rubbish at modding things and I'd really like to see both of the comms take off.

The first would be something along the lines of [livejournal.com profile] isurrendered I'd love to see this meme go around on DW because there are so many creative people around and I bet the TV shows would be excellent.

the second would be along the lines of [livejournal.com profile] allyear_sprints Some kind of timed writing comm with a chat in would be really neat to have and I think a great help. I'd at the very least, like to see something like this start up around NaNo since word wars are right up their ally.

But yes, that is my plea and if anyone would like to poke at the ideas, I fully encourage and hope they bloom into awesome comms.


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