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I would love a multifandom fanart recs comm that would work somewhat like the crack_van type of recs comms only for art, i.e. reccers would sign up for a fandom and commit to making a couple of fanart recs for that fandom, say four or so, during the month they signed up for, and a mod would keep track of the queues so that not two people are posting for the same fandom during the same month.

Most rec places seem to be very fic-centric (though a couple also have fanart recs every now and then), and I think it would be nice to have a place to find new artists and art (especially outside my major fandoms).

I could sign up to do some recs, but I don't have any experience organizing or promoting such a recs community. Also I'm not entirely sure whether there would be enough interest in reccing fanart rather than fanfic to make such a comm sustainable longterm. Though there's certainly enough great fanart out there, and not every fandom would need a reccer every month after all, as long as there were reccers for a few fandoms each month, the comm would be active enough to be interesting for subscribers, I think.

ETA: I took the plunge and created such a community myself after all. There now exists [community profile] fanart_recs for you to join and hopefully some will volunteer to rec!


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