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One of the best communities on livejournal is [ profile] little_details - a place where writers can post about the niggling little research questions they need to solve, and the membership solves it for them.

I want a community like this on DW! And given the response to my journal post about it, I'm not the only one who wants it. None of us want to be the one in charge, though. :/

DW has [community profile] writerstorm, which is awesome in its own way, but is more about solving story problems and brainstorming than it is about the factual research.

What would make the DW community even *cooler* than little-details on LJ is if, as well as posting about that one thing that you only need for that one scene, people could also make posts saying "I am writing a story that heavily involves Baltimore, Baha'i, beriberi, boating, Black American culture, birding and Babylonian Mythology, and I need experts who are willing to be my fact-beta / go-to research aide / fail-check on each of those topics" and get volunteers who will to stick with you for the whole story.


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