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What MTV used to be

Remember when MTV showed music videos?

... It's been awhile, I know.

I've steadily lost access to any music videos through my cable system. I used to be able to set up recordings for the middle of the night on MTV, and then the middle of weekend nights on some off channel, and now I can't find any.

So what I'd like is a community dedicated to advertising/linking to official music videos. This wouldn't be for fanvids/AMVs, nor for those vids where a fan pairs the audio with varied still images; these would be the videos theoretically released by the artists/studios/whoever. This would let those of us who don't regularly follow VEVO or band news to see what's new and cool and potentially meme-sparking (or, for that matter, older but deserving of attention).

Entries could be moderated or just posted freely by members, whichever works best.

I wasn't thinking this would be genre-specific; genres could be separated by tags, unless traffic became just too busy. But I don't know how much interest there is in such a comm, and I definitely don't have time to mod such a thing. Is there someone out there who does?
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I'd follow a comm like this.
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This comm is a cool idea, but you might also enjoy Rage again, which shows youtube playlists from the Australian music video show Rage. It's a mix of the latest releases and curated/themed lists. I'm fairly sure this site is available outside Australia but apologise if it's not!
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I might have the time to mod something like this. May be need a co-mod when my schedule picks up in the future, but I follow VEVO and several other music services online - including charting songs.

I'll set something up this week and notify you when I'm done. ^^
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Here you go: [community profile] music_videos

I hope it is a successful comm and everything you need and want!
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I've gone ahead and added a few videos for your viewing pleasure. How you enjoy!